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Cleaning the house may not be your idea of a fun activity. But while vacuuming may never be fun, there is a way to make the job a little easier. Improve indoor air quality in your home with a central vacuum system.

Most of us vacuum with the standard movable unit, but have you ever thought of installing a central vacuum system in your home? 

Consider some of these benefits:

  • Minimal Vacuum Noise

  • Cleaner Air, Reduced Allergies

  • Extremely Easy to Use

  • Powerful Deep Cleaning

  • Smart Home Investment

If you’re looking for an electric cleaning kit with a high-performance, low-maintenance powerhead, plus
versatile accessories for fast and thorough whole-house cleaning, then an Acclaim Cleaning Kit is your answer.

Designed to clean all your home’s surfaces, draperies and upholstery, hard-to-reach places, small crevices, awkward stairs and even car interiors, an Acclaim Cleaning Kit helps you create a cleaner, healthier home.
Your Central Vacuum System saves you time, extends the life of furnishings and carpets, and improves indoor air quality! Adding a Central Vacuum system along with an Alarm System, Cameras, and a WiFi system simply increases your home’s resale value!
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