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Know what’s going on anywhere in your business or residence 24/7 from anywhere from your smart phone. 
View one or more locations from a central office location, another business location, or anywhere in the world!
Instantly view and record unusual events, exemplary work habits, “secret shopper” visits, crimes or accidents!
 NuSystems is a local service provider with 38 years of experience.

We provide IP based solutions that are a great addition to any home security alarm system. Our seasoned installers will custom design a system for your specific needs. If you're an employer think of the ways you can save with a system that will record employee theft, crime and insurance claims. Or think of how you can reward good work behaviors.

NuSytems Gardnerville Custom Design Installation

NuSystems serves the Gardnerville, Lake Tahoe, Reno,

Carson City

and surrounding areas

NV License: 20931A
CA License: 761124/ACO5406